How to Recover Permanently Deleted Emails from Outlook PST?

Recover soft/hard deleted emails from Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, & 2007.

If you want to recover deleted/ permanently deleted (Shift + Delete) emails from Outlook PST, you’ve come across the right article. This is the informative article with which you can easily recover deleted emails. This article explains the uses of Hex Editor with scanpst.exe utility to recover the PST items. Do not hesitate to use these techniques even if you are not a technical person. The knowledge (tips and tricks) we will give you here will be easily resolved the issues in simple manner.

Follow step by step procedure to recover Outlook emails:

STEP 1: Create a duplicate copy of Outlook PST (For testing, download sample PST file here.).

STEP 2: Open Hex Editor (Download here).
Open Hex Editor

STEP 3: Open PST file using Hex Editor from which you want to recover deleted emails.
Open PST with Hex Editor

STEP 4: Delete the position 7 through 13 with the space bar. (In the Hexadecimal system, this process will delete 13 characters at the following position) 00007, 00008, 00009, 0000a, 0000b, 0000c, 0000d, 0000e, 0000f, 00010, 00011, 00012, 00013
(When you use spacebar to clear a position, the editor displays the value "20" each time.)


Select the value start from 07 to next 13 values. Go to » Edit » File Selection » Ok
Edit Hex Value (This action will replace all values to 00)
Updated Hex Value

STEP 5: After clearing these positions, save Outlook PST file.

STEP 6: Run scanpst.exe tool [Scanpst.exe Icon - Check scanpst.exe location]
Scanpst.exe Tool

STEP 7: Browse PST file and scan to recover deleted emails.
Scan Outlook PST File

STEP 8: Repair PST file.
Repair PST File
Completed Repair Process

STEP 9: Now, open PST file and check the deleted items.